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About Larry


Larry S. Julian is a successful consultant and speaker who specializes in Biblically-based leadership development and strategic planning. Larry’s mission is to help business people integrate their work and faith, transform their adversity into their destiny, and revolutionize their life into their legacy. He’s the author of the nationally acclaimed and best-selling business book, God is My CEO: Following God’s Principles in a Bottom-Line World. His second book, God is My Success: Transforming Adversity into Your Destiny, helps people overcome the obstacles which keep them from being the success God intended. His exciting new release, God is My Coach: A Business Leader’s Guide to Finding Clarity in an Uncertain World (Center Street, January 2009), helps leaders facing the “gray zone” – where our dilemmas don’t have black and white solutions and our circumstances are filled with unanswered questions and uncertainty.

Larry addresses the needs of large groups of business people through keynote programs, retreats and other events. Through one-on-one coaching, Larry helps leaders of all levels grow their businesses and overcome difficult circumstances to become effective and successful. His Group Mentoring Forums help small groups of business leaders integrate their work and faith and become the success God intended.

Larry also uses his experience consulting with the corporate, government, and community sectors in successful speaking, facilitating, and coaching engagements. Over the past several years, he’s facilitated hundreds of strategic planning retreats, teambuilding retreats and leadership development programs. Larry’s unique talent is in bringing diverse constituents together in partnerships with a shared vision and a common purpose.

In addition to many churches and non-profit organizations, his clients have included 3M, American Express Financial Services, AT&T, BP Amoco, General Mills, Honeywell, Mayo Clinic, PepsiCo, Qwest and hundreds of other large and small organizations. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Mission

My mission is to help leaders integrate their work and faith to become the success God intended them to be. This mission is fulfilled through books and services that help leaders…

  • Follow God’s principles in a bottom line world
  • Transform their adversity into their destiny (by overcoming the obstacles to their success)
  • Find clarity and direction in the midst of uncertainty
  • Define and fulfill their mission and vision

The Vision

My vision is that business leaders become shining examples of God’s power, redefining the meaning of success and prosperity as a result of seeking, trusting and honoring God in every decision. They enjoy a more balanced life and daily experience the fruits of the Spirit (love, peace and joy). They use their gifts, talents and resources wisely in order to serve God’s greater purpose – a purpose beyond the bottom line. They make a difference in their world and leave a legacy for others to follow. They plant seeds of significance in the hearts of others, encouraging future leaders of character. These leaders are connected in the spirit of unity under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, supporting each other and growing in strength as one significant force. Together, they transform society, one person at a time.

Core Values

  • Respect – Respect the diversity in the marketplace, meeting business leaders at their point of need, wherever they are on their spiritual journey.
  • Honor – Honor God in all I do.
  • Communication – In all communication, let who I am speak for what I believe. I seek the courage to share my faith boldly while seeking discernment to communicate in a wise and appropriate way.
  • Significance – My ultimate vision is to encourage, enable and equip leaders to impact their world in significant ways.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board provides advice on the strategic direction of the God is My CEO ministry and business. The following trusted leaders of character comprise the God is My CEO Advisory Board:

  • Mr. Dean Bachelor, Chairman, Platinum Group
  • Mr. Dennis J. Doyle, CEO, Welsh Companies
  • Mr. Stan Geyer, Chairman, Entegris Inc.
  • Mr. Ron James, CEO, Center for Ethical Business Cultures
  • Mr. Kendrick B. Melrose, Executive Chairman, The Toro Company
  • Mr. Jim Secord, Former President and CEO, Lakewood Publications
  • Mr. Mike Sime, President and CEO, Creative Carton and Rapid Packaging

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